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Indian River County Home Inspection in Sebastian, Florida, provides a Complete Home Inspection, Wind Mitigation and a Four Point Inspection.  If you're a homeowner, buyer, seller, or investor, you can benefit from our services.

Commercial, Industrial and multifamily complexes please contact us for a price quote.

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Complete Indian River County Home Inspection

For existing and new home buyers, we offer three complete non-invasive property inspections. If there is a problem and or a potential problem at the residence our inspection reports will bring the item and or items to your attention prior to the closing. Among the many areas that we visually inspect are:

• Foundations
• Structures
• Exterior surfaces
• Windows
• Doors
• Roofs
• Attics
• Air and Heating systems (HVAC)
• Interior rooms
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Fuel systems
• Laundry and sinks

Four-Point Home Inspection

If you want your roof, electrical, plumbing, and heating system inspected, then our four-point home inspection package is right for you. While not as extensive as our complete inspection, it involves a thorough examination of some of the most crucial areas of a structure, cataloging any issues that your home, or future home, may have. This service typically takes about an hour. After your inspection, we provide you with a detailed report, complete with images. Our reports are never biased, ensuring that you have an honest overview of any possible issues with the basic running of your home.

Electrician Checking the Wiring System

Scheduling Your Inspection

Depending on square footage, inspections generally take three to four hours to complete. Our team has gone through extensive home inspection training and are currently a certified member of InterNACHI.

Prices for Indian River County Home Inspections are quoted by the project and are paid prior to the commencement of the inspection, unless other provisions have been agreed upon. We also take pictures as we go, giving you a visual representation of the examination.

What Really Matters in a Home Inspection

Buying a home? The process can be stressful. A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind but often has the opposite effect. You will be asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time. This often includes a written report, a checklist, photographs and what the inspector himself sees during the inspection. All this, combined with the seller's disclosure and what you notice yourself, makes the experience even more overwhelming. What should you do?

Relax. Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies for various systems and components, and minor imperfections. These are useful to know about. However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories:

1. Major Defects. An example of this would be a structural failure;
2. Things that lead to major defects, such as a small roof-flashing leak, for example;
3. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or ensure the home; and
4. Safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electrical panel.
Anything in these categories should be addressed. Often, a serious problem can be corrected inexpensively to protect both life and property (especially in categories 2 and 4).

Most sellers are honest and are often surprised to learn of defects uncovered during an inspection. Realize that the sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report. No home is perfect. Keep things in perspective. Do not kill your deal over things that do not matter. It is inappropriate to demand that a seller address deferred maintenance, conditions already listed on the seller's disclosure, or nit-picky items.